Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photos of the Clendenen Block

I know several of you have finished the Royal Palm block already because I've seen your photos.  You can share your photo blogs here, we all love to get a peek at someone else's work.

Block 8 is ready to roll on March 1st.  It's not one of the easy blocks, but it does look great finished.  If you live in Australia you should receive your block in the evening, if you are in the US it should make an appearance in the morning. 

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2. Copy the link of the specific blog post. This is not just the link to your blog itself (www.chestercriswellquilt.blogspot.com), but the link to the specific post: (http://chestercriswellquilt.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/hows-it-going.html)
3. Click the blue link up button above and paste your link into the box.


  1. I am getting I excited to see the next block! I might have caught up by the time the April block arrives.

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    1. Finally managed to post a picture here!
      I am really enjoying making these blocks even though they are very challenging.


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