Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vincent Stubbs; and a day with AQA

If you are a part of The First Year you will have received your pattern number 8.  The pattern is Cockscomb, which is a type of flower.  Or, as in the Georgette Heyer novel I've been reading, a conceited young man.

Block 8 - Vincent Stubbs

It took me quite a while to finish this block.  I was still just getting the hang of needleturn when I started this block. It got the better of me, I couldn't get those petals to behave, and eventually I put it aside and started another block.  When I got back to it about four months later, I was surprised that it wasn't as difficult as I remembered.  Practice does make perfect (almost....)

If you haven't seen your block please let me know.  Honestly, I do send the block to everyone on the list, no one gets left out, but sometimes the attachments go astray in cyberspace.  Sometimes they go to the Spam folder. I don't mind if you email and ask where your block is, but please don't assume that I have neglected you on purpose - I haven't!

Last Monday the CCCQ and I traveled to Surrey Hills in Melbourne to the Australian Quilters Association meeting.  I spoke about signature quilts in general and the Chester Criswell quilt in particular and we had a great time. Thanks to Shirley L. for suggesting me as a guest speaker, it was fun!

Jan Mac checks out how many blocks to go
All the best with Vincent's block, hope those petals aren't too conceited for your needle.

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