Friday, January 31, 2014

Next Block Please

I gathered all my Chester Criswell Blocks together for a family photo.

The new block is in the bottom left hand corner.  If you have signed on for The Second Year you will be receiving it soon.  If you would like to receive it check the website Two Bits Patches, it will be arriving shortly.
If you are expecting it and it doesn't arrive in you inbox, please check your email settings.  One or two addresses have blocked my email and I can't get through to you. 


  1. You sent me block #17 again. I have to keep remembering that it is Sat Feb 1 in Australia and still Friday afternoon here in Canada where the temperature has risen to a balmy 0C.

  2. All of your blocks look fabulous together - what a great 'family photo'.

  3. Thank you Sharon. My next block arrived safely!

    Your blocks look magnificent together!!

  4. Sharon, your blocks look fabulous, what a wonderful quilt they'll make. I'm really enjoying making the blocks, I'm almost caught up :)) cheers... Marian


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