Friday, February 1, 2013

A Block for William and Harry

The Royal Palm Block

There are two blocks of this design in the Chester Criswell Quilt, one for six year old William and one for three year old Harry Clendenen.

William Clendenen

Harry Clendenen

The blocks were made by their mother Elizabeth Clendenen.  Elizabeth was one of Mary Criswell's many cousins. Elizabeth and her husband Robert didn't live in Chester County; they moved around quite a bit and settled in the Baltimore area.

The names William and Harry suggested the block's name - The Royal Palm.  The pattern is available on the website now.  The feedback on the blocks and the stories is very positive, thank you so much, I hope you all enjoy this one too.

Remember, you don't have to use traditional reproduction fabrics for these blocks.  If you want to see some Very Different Blocks take a look at Michelle's blocks on her blog . Now that's a horse of a different colour!

P.S.  Harry's full name was Isaac Henry;  in the pattern I've called him 'Harry' five times and 'Isaac' once.

Royal Palms - Wikipedia photo

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