Monday, February 24, 2014

Photos of Block 18 Chester Lily

Block 18 Mary McKissick

I spent a bit of time trying to discover what flower was represented by this quilt block. I use Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique to search for the Chester Criswell Blocks. I could not find a picture of this pattern but I did notice that lots of floral blocks were called rose, lily or tulip.  I thought a lily was the best choice, so Block 18 has become the Chester Lily.

Did you know that you can write reviews of the patterns on the website Two Bits Patches? If you go to the product page for CCCQ Block 18, there is a Description tab and a Review tab.  You can submit a review about your favourite block.  The review may have to be approved before it appears - I'm not sure because no one has submitted a review before now.

There are a few finished Chester Lily blocks.  If you have blogged and would like to share, you can link up below. Or you can put a photo on the Facebook page.  Looking forward to seeing your work - and reading your reviews!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Stroll Around the Blogs

My stitching is going a little slowly, so I'll show you what everyone else is doing.

Carole has had to evacuate her home in the face of bushfire threat - yes really.  Fortunately her home is safe and the wheels are back on the Warrandyte Bus blog.

Yellow Roses Miriam has finished the latest block, belonging to Mary McKissick.

Chris is Quilting at the Farm and has finished Block 16 for a swap with ....

.... Wanda the Scrap Happy Quilter.  Wanda and Chris have been coping with blizzards; Carole and I are watching bushfires.

Nancy from the Tattered Garden has finished the centre block (and quite a few other blocks as well).

Jan of Sew Many Quilts - Too Little Time has been making up for lost time.

How are you going?  Any photos to share? Stay safe everyone!