Friday, September 18, 2015

Now Appearing at Amazon

My new e-book is now available for your Kindle reader.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Photos at the Finish Line

The final block of the Chester Criswell Quilt was certainly a challenge to make.

There are two of these blocks in the quilt, one made by Jane Trayner and one by Martha Turner.  I wonder if they chose a difficult block because they wanted to contribute their best to the bridal quilt, or if they were a bit inclined to show off.

I certainly found this block daunting.  I keep putting it off because I was uncertain if I could do it justice.  Fortunately applique is just one stitch at a time and once I started I found that it wasn't impossible.  You can hardly tell that my circles aren't quite evenly spaced around the wheel (that's part of the charm, I tell myself...).  At the end of this post there is a place for you to share your pictures of Block 32 and Block 33.

Have you downloaded a copy of the e-book yet?  It's now in my Etsy store in US dollars as well as the website in Australian dollars.  If you choose to suit your location you can save a little in exchange rates.


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