Monday, September 30, 2013

Round and Round the Blogs

I posted my photos from Quilts in the Barn but I didn't add much description.  If you want to see some more quilts from the exhibition take a peek at these blogs (hello Carole, Miriam and Sue-Anne!)

And, speaking of blogs, I found a few more bloggers sharing their Chester Criswell Quilt blocks.

Marian Edwards Dreamweaver has put up a photo of her first three blocks.  There are so many red prints, you don't often see the same design twice.

And here is Chris's Quilting at the Farm, a new blogger but obviously a very experienced quilter.  Isn't that red print gorgeous!  Chris has started with Block #13 and it's looking great.

Block #14 is getting put together, it's running a little late but it should be sent out tomorrow.

Friday, September 27, 2013

A Day at The Barn

After yesterday's storms, wind and rain it was fantastic to have perfect weather to visit Quilts in the Barn at Wonga Park.  The theme this year was "All About Chintz".

The quilts, old and new, were remarkable.

 It was a great opportunity to rendezvous with friends....

Miriam, Sharon and Carole
The Blogging Triumvirate

... and a chance to add some variety to the stash.

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Purchases

I picked up these two prints from the Friendship Collections for a Cause by Moda.  The range was based on a 1850's signature or friendship quilt.

I think the red will do nicely for this block.

And the cream print was too pretty to leave behind.

I bought a new book too.

I was hoping to go to the exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery : Quilts 1700 - 1945 from the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I didn't make the trip so I bought the book instead.  Actually, I bought the original London catalogue book because the Australian one is sold out.  It's brilliant, lots of pictures and lots of history.  

I missed out on Queensland, but I am going to Quilts in the Barn at Wonga Park.  I will be going on Friday, I'd love to say hello if you are going too.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alice Criswell's Big Block

How do you like the first block of The Second Year?

Alice and Andrew Criswell's block

I think it has a Hawaiian feel about it.  This block isn't more difficult than the previous blocks, the challenge is in the preparation.  

I started by taping the two pattern pieces together to make one quarter.  This is my first draft of the pattern, it hasn't been prettied up yet.  I've taped it to the table so it doesn't shift.

I found a large piece of light interfacing, big enough for the whole pattern.  I taped the interfacing over the pattern and traced one quarter.  Then I turned the interfacing over and traced the next quarter on the opposite side of the interfacing.  That gave me a mirror image and I could see the first drawing through the sheer material.  I did the same for the next two quarters and the pattern was finished.  

Cutting it out took time, I had to be careful not to tear the interfacing.  When finished I basted the interfacing to the fabric.  The interfacing stayed on while I did the needleturn, it was easy to fold out of the way to see my stitches.

I found that this method worked well for me.  If you have a clever way to prepare a big applique we'd love you to share it.