Saturday, February 23, 2013

Godey's Autograph Bedquilt - April 1864


The autograph bedquilt is made by obtaining the signatures of friends or relatives written upon pieces of white material.  These pieces may be square, octagon, round, diamond, or heart shaped, or indeed cut into any form to suit the taste of the maker.  After they are cut they should be strained tightly over a card, to make a smooth, even surface for the writing, which should be done in indelible ink.  Muslin, linen, or silk can be used, the silk being the handsomest, while the linen makes the best surface for the signature.  The cards may be sent by mail to friends at a distance.
After the names are written, the white pieces can be either sewed down upon, or set into, squares of colored material, and these squares, sewed together, form the quilt.
In quilting, select such a pattern as will leave the name free from the quilting stitches.
Smaller pieces of white silk (with the autographs written in miniature), alternated with colored silk, and made into a pincushion or sofa cushion make a very pretty album of affection.

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