Saturday, December 9, 2017

The CCCQ and a New Friend

Researching an antique quilt is similar to building your family tree.  Months go by when nothing happens, then a new link opens up another set of cousins that you didn't know existed.

A few weeks ago I exchanged texts with Cathy who is researching a group of signature quilts from the Delaware Valley.  The quilts were made in the middle 1800s and are similar in that each one has a large centre medallion - like the Chester Criswell quilt.

Cathy shared a few photos of these quilts. The one that took my breathe away is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It was made 1847 - 1849, a few years before the CCCQ 1852. It's a beautiful quilt, love that scalloped edge.  It does look a little familiar ....

 Here is a closeup of the centre medallion.

And here is the block I made from the CCCQ.

Can't wait to see what turns up next!

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