Sunday, April 2, 2017

Schoolhouse or Honeymoon Cottage?

I have written about these schoolhouse blocks in a previous post. The Malaga quilt has four in all, each one a little different.  The 19th century schoolhouse block doesn't seem to fit in a 1930s quilt, so I wondered what might be more appropriate in a feedsack quilt.

Ruby McKim has two options.  The first one is called House on the Hill.

House on the Hill is a simple house block, quite reminiscent of Schoolhouse. I haven't made this one yet. I'd like to try it as a six inch block but it might be better as a nine inch.

My preferred 1930s option is also in Ruby McKim's book, it is Honeymoon Cottage.  I first saw Honeymoon Cottage in a quilt for sale online.

The quilt was enchanting, even though the path lead to the chimney and not to the front door.  I couldn't afford to buy the quilt so I made a block of my own.

Shortly after I finished my own block I found another Honeymoon cottage online.  I could afford this one and that's it on the right.

I constructed another cottage for this current project.

(The colours aren't quite right but it's too late in the evening to fix it. The roof is blue.) The pattern is in 874 in BlockBase.  I printed it in EQ7 as 9 x 11 inches rather than 12 inches square.  I printed the pattern onto two applique wash away sheets.  I cut the pieces apart and ironed onto the back of my fabric.  Then I hand pieced the block as if it was English paper pieced.  It was a nice project to take on a long weekend away, and the end result is very neat (for me - I'm not a perfectionist).


  1. I really love all the houses. Sew cute! It's so nice to see the variations. I'm gonna definitely have to make one of these!Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Your Honeymoon Cottage is adorable! It's a much better idea to enter through the door rather than the chimney, unless it's Santa!

    1. I think the maker did all her cutting and maybe got the templates back to front. It must have been too hard to get the path in the right place.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Carole. EQ7 has it as a square block but it loses some of its appeal. When I first saw the Honeymoon block I wanted to move in!


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