Thursday, January 28, 2016

CCCQ Revisited and Shopping in 1843

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I have been going through one of my old newspapers, looking for advertisements for dress making materials.  This newspaper is the American Sentinel and Mercantile Advertiser, July 1843, and published in Philadelphia.  The most prolific advertiser is T. Sharpless & Son, 22 South Second St.  Mr Townsend Sharpless had a very impressive store.

You could buy all manner of objects at T. Sharpless & Son - double width woolen plaids in blue and black for ladies' cloaks; a handsome assortment of new styled silk shawls; fancy colored Tabby Velvets; white Marseilles vestings and light black Beaver hats.

But the advertisement that surpasses the rest is from the Franklin Clothing Store at 30 Market St. for Men's Bathing Dresses.

I wonder if they were a best seller?

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