Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fabric Dating Sleuthing

I received two old blocks in the mail this week.  The pattern is tulip basket, Barbara Brackman 734.

One of the scraps of fabric in the second block had lettering.  I thought there was a chance of someone recognising this print and therefore getting a date. I posted a photo in the Facebook group, Quilts - Vintage and Antique.

The result was remarkable.  My letters were deciphered as Grant and Wilson.  Ulysses S. Grant became the President of the United States in 1873 and his Vice President was Henry Wilson.  The fabric is most likely a campaign fund raiser.

Fourth Corner Molly even had her own photos of this fabric in a block.  Grant's campaign slogan was 'Let Us Have Peace' which you can also see in this print. 

So my Tulip Baskets blocks are up to 140 years old.  Pretty impressive. I wonder if the quiltmaker was a fan of President Grant or if she was using up what she had at hand.

This week's block is Block 2 by Elizabeth Cowan.

The pattern can be found at Two Bits Patches.

Photos to inspire you are at the Chester Criswell Quilt Pinterest board.

And the original posts are here and here.

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