Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Wow Factor

I received this lovely photo from Zoë in British Columbia, Canada.  She's completed all The First Year blocks.

Zoë has stuck to the red and green 1850s colour scheme but has chosen from a wide variety of values and prints.  I noticed something interesting in the top left hand corner and asked Zoë about it. It's a little drawing of her house.

Yes, it's a picture done in brown ink.  I have enough trouble just signing my name in a block - how special is it to create an inked sketch? I feel very privileged to find that my patterns have become a starting place for some beautifully creative work. 

A number of people have completed the first twelve blocks.  If you send me a photo I will put it in the next blog post. 
And  if you are waiting for the Second Year check your email inbox next week. Details of the next exciting installment will be soon revealed ....


  1. Thanks for sharing Zoe's pic of all her blocks - just beautiful and her house drawing is adorable! Can't wait to receive our next pattern :)

  2. Beautiful inking! An extra special addition to her block collection.


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