Friday, July 26, 2013

A Swap and a New Look at Block 2

I received a swap blog from Miriam a few weeks ago.  We decided to exchange the fleur de lis Block 10 after Miriam's delightful guest blog. I wrote my signature freehand for the first time, no tracing.

 Miriam signed her block but she had the naughty pen.  She wasn't pleased with the result so she cut the centre out and replaced it with a new signature.

Miriam isn't the only one to have troubles.  Have a look at this block from the original quilt.

Did Emily Carlile have to cover a mistake, or was she just being cautious?  It is tempting to peek under the fabric.

Barbara Burnham has an interesting post on signing quilts on her blog Baltimore Garden Quilts. Her blog has lots of helpful ideas and eye-candy photos.

I've been making another block from the quilt, this one one made by Lydia Baker.  The pattern outline is the same as Elizabeth Cowan's but the green leaf has been cut differently.

Lydia Baker pattern

detail of Lydia Baker's block

Elizabeth Cowan pattern

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  1. Ohh, I like Lydia's version of the block. :)


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