Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quilts in the Barn

Are you going to Quilts in the Barn?  I haven't been before but I am going to go this time.  Linda Collins very generously opens her home and studio and hosts a wonderful quilt show.  Last year the theme was red and white quilts; this year it is All About Chintz.  You can read more at Linda's blog.

You might win the raffle quilt....


  1. You will enjoy the Quilt Show, I go every year & its always a different theme, yummy avo tea as well!!!

  2. Would love to go to the quilt show--it's just a bit too far and too expensive. Maybe someday I can come and visit and tour a bit. The raffle quilt is really lovely!

  3. How wonderful! If I ever get to your country, it's got to be planned around this show! Looks like such fun!


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