Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost Too Many Sewing Machines

On the long weekend we visited Maryborough in central Victoria and discovered the Flour Mill Gallery - home to an amazing sewing machine collection.
The Flour Mill Gallery at Maryborough
The collection is five years old and still growing
The museum entrance - retro rather than vintage
Industrial Singer machines - still in working order
A set of Featherweights
Italian sewing machines
German sewing machines
Japanese sewing machines - copies of the Singer E15,
made in any colour  your heart desired.
Australian machine - made in Bendigo
For sale machines.  I didn't bring one home, although
the gold coloured Singer in the top row was very tempting.


  1. Wow! A wonderful collection of sewing machines. Are they strictly display or some for sale? I never thought about there being Australian machines.

    1. Karen...have a look at our reply below :)

  2. What a fun place! I have never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing the "tour."

  3. Thank you for including us in your blog. Great photographs. Karen - the story of Australian made sewing machines can be seen on our website on the Bendigo/Australian made sewing machines page. Donna, Wanda - we try to make it fun!! Hope to see you all one day.
    Cheers, Judi & Wayne McKail, Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery Sew What collection.

    1. Thank you for your comments Wayne, we had a great time visiting on the March long weekend.


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