Friday, August 24, 2012

From the Library - What's in a Name

One of my newer books in my small yet rapidly growing collection is from the International Quilt Study Centre & Museum at Lincoln , Nebraska.  It is called "What's in a Name?: Inscribed Quilts" by Carolyn Ducey & Jonathan Gregory.  Ducey is the Curator of Collections and Gregory is the Assistant Curator of Collections at the museum.
This book is a catalogue of an exhibition at the museum of nineteenth-century quilts.  This is one of my favourites in the collection.

This quilt was made in 1845 in Baltimore, Maryland and records the members of the Hargest family. The family history surrounding the quilt has been complied by a descendant of the family.

Red and green are always a winning combination, but I expecially like the geometric sashing between the blocks. There are a variety of red prints but the same print is used for each block.  I wonder if the red diamonds and squares are pieced or appliqued?


  1. I love this quilt sashing, reminds me of ric rac...I did a precise zoom in and the sashing is appliqued and then the blocks are sewn together as I see a seam down the middle of the sashing...too me it looks like a four patch of squares in the centre as I see different red fabrics used and then appliqued over the top...would love to do this type of sashing on this quilt, but it might look squishy OR the other alternative is to make the designs in the blocks smaller....not sure if I would like to do that.

    PS...No block 1 to show as yet as background fabric still hasn't arrived :(

    1. I agree, the sashing looks great. Thanks for analysing how this was created. I hope your background fabric arrives soon!

  2. what an amazing sure is gorgeous!! i agree, the sashing really complements the applique blocks.


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