Monday, August 13, 2012

How's it Going?

I know that some of you are already working on your first block and may even be waiting for the next one. 

 Those cutout sections in my block are a little lopsided.  I found going around the first side of the trident shape pulls the fabric towards.  So the left hand 'arm' is pulled towards the outside of the block and the right hand 'arm' is pulled towards the inside. 

Jane's block is does the same, so I know that she's also right handed.  If she was left handed the shapes would pull the other way. 

Do you have a picture of your block yet?  More importantly, are you happy with it?  You only have to please yourself, you know.  I hope to get a little gallery of everyone's blocks.  You can send a jpeg file as an attachment to my email address - click on View my complete profile listed under my smiling photo.  I can post your photo anonymously or with your name or with a link to your blog.

My current block is proving to be a bit of a challenge.  This is my second attempt.

One flower shape done....and three to go.


  1. Still waiting on my background fabric should be here next week...can't wait to start even though I really don't need to start yet another quilt...but I have an addiction to Red and Green quilts and couldn't help myself :)

  2. Mine is nearly done!!! I hope to have a photo up tomorrow. :)

  3. There's some different tools out there that allow people to share project photos without having to email them to a blog owner/moderator - saving the owner/mod work!

    One would be to start a Flickr group, where each person would upload their pictures to their own Flickr account and then link them into the group. A permanent link to the Flickr group can be include in the blog sidebar.

    There's also fancy widgets that allow readers to add their photos directly to your blog post, so it ends up looking like this: (but I can't find what that one's called).

    There's Mr Linky, which allows people to add a link to their photos on their own blog, which looks like this:

    It looks like Linky Tools has the photo option:

  4. Sharon, we are our harshest critics, don't you think?? i think your first block is just lovely and i must say i love the look of the one you're currently working on. I haven't started mine yet, i need to add a few more reds to my lots of greens..and i also need to stock up on some lovely 'aged' homespun. i'll keep you posted :)) cheers...Marian


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