Friday, June 21, 2019

Cadet Blue and Texas Too: Quaker Quilts on Kindle

I have added another title to my Kindle bookshelf.

Cadet Blue and Texas Too

This story took longer than I thought to finish.  The story has unfolded on this blog.  I bought the first quilt way back in 2015. That was an interesting blog post because it turns out that my initial assumptions about the quilt have been mostly proved to be wrong.

I discovered the second quilt in 2016 when pictures of it were shared on Facebook.  Two quilts from one family, made twenty years apart and showing up in the same Facebook group nearly one hundred years later. What a happy co-incidence!

Then in 2017 I was able to add Quilt #2 to my collection and the two quilts now live side by side happily ever after.

The story revealed by the research is amazing.  The e-book has just been released on Kindle.  Remember you don't need an actual Kindle to download, I use the Kindle app on my phone.  USA readers can get it here, and Australia readers can get it there.

It's not a long book, you will need two or three cups of tea to finish it.  And if you are able to share on your social media account, I would be very grateful. I hope you enjoy it!

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