Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hurray! A New E-Book!

I am very excited to announce a new title in my Kindle Series (of 2).

You can find it on Amazon - Quilt Block Houses.

It's $0.99 on the US website and $1.31 in Australia.  If you want to wait two weeks there is going to be a FREE special, but you could spend a dollar now if that's too long to wait.

And, if you could, leaving a rating when you finish reading is most appreciated.  Ratings make social media run faster.


  1. Can you share how many pages it is? And is it possible to print it out for those of us older non-tech people who prefer to hold it in our hands :)

    1. Sorry for the late response, I missed your comment. It's about 50 pages. While it is being promoted on Amazon I can't offer it on any other platform. I will try and get a print ready copy done and list on Etsy in a month or so.


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