Thursday, December 3, 2015

2016 CCCQ Revisited

What's the CCCQ and why does it need another visit?

The CCCQ is the Chester (County) Criswell Quilt.  This quilt is a reproduction of an antique quilt that was a Block of the Month beginning in August 2012.  Signing up for the project required a major commitment; with 33 blocks in all it took 3 years to get to the finish! It wasn't impossible and a number of sewers finished the quilt and are at this very moment quilting the result.  You will probably see some of these masterpieces in 2016 at quilt shows in USA, Canada and Australia.

Not everyone finished all the blocks and a few people have asked for another chance for a fresh quilt-a-long. I like the idea and am personally looking forward to revisiting the blocks.  It won't be a three year project this time, at a Block of the Week we should finish about the end of August 2016 (when there will be a brand new old quilt pattern launch, God willing.)

If you are new to the Chester Criswell quilt ...

 ... let me tell you a bit about the CCCQ.  The Chester Criswell Quilt was a signature made for my g-g-grandmother Mary McClellan Criswell for her wedding in 1852.  The original quilt was used to draft new patterns for each block, and the names on the block were researched to create a story to go with each pattern.  The 33 patterns were divided into The First Year, The Second Year and The Third Year.  The patterns are all available as downloads on the Two Bits Patches website.

The blocks are 12 inch finished with the large centre block 24 inches square.  To make the whole quilt you will need 4.5 yards of backing fabric and about 4 yards for the applique.  The patterns are full size and ready to print on your computer.  The patterns are designed for needleturn applique but could be done by machine; they would suit a quilter with some applique experience as detailed sewing instructions are not included.

Block No.1 is a free download, you can get that one pattern and see if this project would suit your skills.  To get an idea of how the finished blocks look at the Chester Criswell Quilt board on Pinterest.

If you already have your patterns for the quilt ...

... but haven't completed all the blocks then this quilt-a-long is for you. You can pick up the blocks you need to make, and share photos of the ones you have already finished.  The block of the week will rotate through the Year patterns - one block from The First Year, next week a block from The Second Year, the following week and block from The Third Year and then back to the first year.  If you finished Years 1 and 2 but not 3 then you can do one block every three weeks (sounds like a plan..)


If the last thing you need is another project for 2016 ... 

... then that's fine too, you can still follow along. You can still read the blog and sign up for the emails.  You can still Like the Facebook page.  You can watch the video on YouTube.  You can get the e-book Round is the Ring That Has No End: Stories from the 1852 Chester Criswell Quilt

So, what do I do now?

You can add your name to the email list.  Starting 1st January I will send a weekly email to let you know which block is featured each week.  You don't have to sign up for the emails; if you follow the blog or The Two Bits Patches Facebook page you will still be in the loop.

If you need to buy the patterns you will find them at the Two Bits Patches website.  You can purchase them as The First Year, The Second Year and The Third Year.  Each pattern is also available individually but it is cheaper to buy a whole year.  Please respect my intellectual property; you could copy a friend's pattern but a lot of time and effort has gone into making the patterns and the prices are kept as low as possible.  The website is in Australian dollars; if you are buying with US dollars, euros or pounds you will get an even better deal.

You can click Like buttons and share this post.  Each time you 'like' on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or any other social media site you send the post around the internet again.  The more Likes, the more people see our quilts and the more interest raised in our fascinating, time-consuming, wouldn't live without it hobby. 
 Here's to 2016 and the CCCQ Revisited!


  1. love love love
    I will complete the quilting on mine tonight.

  2. This is great Sharon, I'm looking forward to getting some much needed inspiration to finish my CCCQ.


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