Saturday, December 12, 2015

End of the Year Projects

December is always busy.  We own a retail store that sells, among other things, remote control cars and helicopters, so business is brisk.  I'm also in a brass band that plays for the Christmas carol evenings, so my spare time is spent on the drumkit. But I also make time to get to the sewing room; it's amazing how making a block or two can reduce the stress.

Here's my CCCQ today.  Rows 1 to 4 are hand quilted, row 5 is quilted and ready to join together.  I still have to quilt five blocks of row 6.

The Chester Criswell quilt-a-long starts in 3 three weeks when it will be next year! You can join the quilt-a-long by following the blog, or you can sign up for the weekly emails.

The 'Round is the Ring' e-book sales are progressing; I'm working on two new books for next year.

I finished a quilt for my granddaughter's fifth birthday.  The pattern by Elizabeth Hartman is called Aviatrix Medallion, so we thought it was a good choice for Amelia.

Our patchwork group makes blocks each month with a predetermined colour scheme, and then at our Christmas breakup we each get a set to make a quilt (or to leave in the cupboard for future use).  My present this year was made in Gelati colours (for non-Australians, think citrus and sherberty colors).

I have a lot of quilts on beds in my house.  When visitors come I have to move piles of quilts to access the beds.  So my thoughts for next year are to make some tiny quilts for the walls of my sewing room.  This month I have been channeling my Ohio ancestors and making some sampler blocks.  It should finish about 24 inches square.

How do you cope with the busyness of December?


  1. I left the country for 2 weeks to visit relatives. I stopped doing all the insane shopping years ago and have no regrets. Spending time with those I love is more important than giving a lot of stuff they done' need. I hosted the big family dinner last year and asked for help. Always having some hand applique ready to pick up helps.

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