Saturday, July 12, 2014

It followed me Home - Can I keep it?

I have added another quilt to the (growing) collection.

I was attracted by the big, bold blocks and interesting patterns.  Sampler quilts are my favourite, I don't like making the same block over and over again. 
I bought it online; the seller described it as late 1800s and purchased in Chester County.  Excellent - another Chester County quilt to keep the Criswells company! 

I wasn't disappointed when it finally arrived.  The fugitive green fabric has faded to tan and some has perished altogether but the patterns are clear.  The whole quilt is in good condition, you don't have to hold your breathe when you fold it up (like I do with the CCCQ).  The cable border is just a bonus.

I wanted some expert opinions on the quilt's age, so I posted some photos in the Facebook group Quilts - Vintage and Antique.  I got over seventy likes which was very nice and a variety of thoughts on how old the quilt is.  The patterns and fugitive green fabric points to 1890s, but the scalloped edge has a 1930s feel about it.  The border fabric matches the background fabric so it must have all been made at the same time.

The big surprise was the number of people that said, it's an Ohio quilt, isn't it?  It looks just like the Miami Valley quilt book.

I went to find my copy of the book and looked through it.  I was very pleased to find lots of similar blocks in the book and my new quilt.  I live in Australia now but I grew up in Ohio; I have always wanted on Ohio quilt.

 There is one odd block however.

That's not fugitive green, red and cheddar.  That's double pink and a tiny green print. How does this block belong with the others?

I love a good mystery.


  1. What a lovely antique quilt, I have a passion for those too...and looks like a nice big size.

  2. It is breathtaking Sharon - beautiful find! Interesting that the green fabric on the "odd" block is so fresh and unfaded - it might have fitted in better when the other greens had not faded. But I love it all just as it is :)

  3. It is beautiful! I think the odd block is just wonderful to have in this quilt. When I see this in old quilts I like to think there is a story there.... was it a block she made for another quilt.... was it a block that was a gift from a family member or a friend.....maybe someone who moved away and she wanted this block in the quilt as a many more stories I could think of....

  4. Looking at the quilt again, the block that I find really odd (never seen something like it before) patternwise is the second from the left, second from above....the arrow like flower.... fun! What size are the blocks?

    1. Look at it from the other way up - then it's a love apple/pomegranate in a tiny triangle pot. The blocks are 16 inches square.

  5. love your "new" antique quilt, beautiful colours


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