Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photos of Blocks 15,16,17.... Anything!

The posts for your photos have got a bit behind, so now is a good chance for a show and tell.

Block 15 Alice McClellan
Block 16 Adeline Gibson
Block 17 Criswell Gibson

If you have blogged about your blocks, please follow the instructions to link your post.  If you have finished one of the earlier blocks, why not link it too - the more the merrier!

Do you make New Year resolutions?  I don't really but I do think about what I would like to achieve in the next twelve months.  A lot of people focus on their UFOs  - unfinished projects that have been hidden away. I have as many UFOs as the next person, but I leave them hidden.  Occasionally one surfaces and gets completed but I try not to feel guilty about them.  I had fun making them, and when they stopped being enjoyable I put them to one side.  How do you treat your UFOs?

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  1. Far too many UFOs here! Lol
    I put them away, then when I get one out again it feels like a new quilt. So, with renewed enthusiasm, I get a bit more done....till the next new project districts me! lol I'm trying to get some quilts finished.

    Love seeing everyone else's blocks.

  2. My block certainly fits under the 'anything' category - it is my alternative block #11. I just keep working away on UFOs, I find it helps if they are in kept in sight - the old adage rings true 'out of sight out of mind'.


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