Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Year in Review

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If you have been making one block each month you might have something like this.

These blocks are my First Year blocks.  They are just a photoshopped quilt at the moment, but I have begun my quilt-as-you-go and two of the blocks are joined together in the reality world.

My final quilt will be 6 by 6 blocks, and the layout will be something like the picture below.  I'm using EQ7, it is much more useful than EQ5.  The wreath block isn't quite in the right spot, the centre square will take up four positions.  Which I'm sure you can do in EQ7, I just need to keep reading the manual.

The original Chester Criswell quilt is bigger, it's an 8 by 8.  The blocks are repeated two or three times, and the layout looks a little like the picture here.

In one of the many online applique groups, a member asked if the Chester Criswell quilt was suitable for a beginner.  The suggestions have been interesting, what would you say?


  1. I am loving this quilt I just found your blog. I am havfing a hard time trying to order all thepast blocks and down loading nthe new one. Could you help me please.
    THank you

    1. I know Nonnie, I wasn't quite ready for your order! The website has had a major overhaul, you should be receiving your blocks now as emails. You are the first customer on the new site, congratulations!

  2. How are you doing the quilt as you go method? I like the larger version so I guess I need to get busy and make some more blocks. I have EQ7 and don't have a clue how to make a layout like this.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Chester County Criswell Quilt! And congratulations on this milestone - hip hip hooray! It's hard to believe it's been a year. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work, sharing your family heirloom and keeping the journey interesting :)

  4. It's looking so wonderful! I love seeing your progress! Keep up the good work!

  5. Sharon, Did I ever tell you that the 1st year subscription was my 50th birthday gift from my mom? Yep! When I saw this quilt last year in August and tried the first free pattern, I knew this was what I wanted when asked! I'm amazed the year has gone so fast!

    Fond memories of working on these blocks are now linked with places and events over this past year in travel with my family as I carrying the convenient handwork with me across many states in dd senior sports seasons.

    I have also met some very lovely women from all over! The ongoing stories about the history and people who made the quilt and connections with modern quilters who are also working on these blocks, makes this a real pleasure. I already know what is on my list for 2013 birthday! I'm excited to continue the journey!
    Thank you for this lovely blog and sharing the quilt!

  6. In reply to your question if we thought the patterns were suitable for a "beginner" - it depends on the beginner I think! If someone wants to learn hand applique techniques a little at a time, or wants to try a new technique, I'd say yes, join in, it is suitable. There is much support and encouragement along the way. If a someone wants to try a quick new project. I would caution a beginner. Of course there are other techniques besides hand applique that would also work and may be easier... Good luck!

  7. Sophistication, I should say, is the theme of your quilt. This design or pattern is actually rare in this industry now. Luckily we, readers, have found one from you. You deserve praise for such an effort. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas in quilting and for your future projects.

    Split-Site PhD


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