Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Signatures and Such

The quilt history books tell us that often the signatures on a friendship quilt were all penned by one individual.  Someone with the best handwriting was given the job, and she or he wrote each name on the appropriate block.

There is no way to be sure if Rachel signed her own name.  But I found another item which Rachel did sign.

This is the front page of the thesis that Rachel submitted for her medical degree in 1867.  I found it online in the archives of the Drexel University College of Medicine. Do you think the same person wrote both items?

Speaking of signatures, I'm going to the Southern Cross Quilters Retreat in Bendigo in July (HOORAY) and I need to make sixty signature blocks.  I will have to sign my name and location sixty times.  My handwriting is quite ... unremarkable.  I would appreciate some advice on how to make a nice, neat signature.

How do you sign your quilt blocks?


  1. I've finally stopped worrying about how I sign my blocks. My handwriting has deteoriated lots as I've gotten older and my hands get more arthritic. I used to agonize about my signature, but now I don't. I make sure the writing is legible, but that's it. I don't try to be fancy. Remember, your handwriting is individual and belongs to you alone. I'd much rather have the block creator's own writing on a signature block as it is a part of who she is - just as much as the fabrics she selected when making the block.

  2. I put freezer paper on the back of the fabric where I am signing - so there is much less give - sign and then remove. just a strip as big as my signature will be.


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