Saturday, May 25, 2013

More on Signatures

I haven't seen this block yet but it is flying halfway around the world to greet me.  Nancy from Tattered Garden Quilting was concerned about signing a block for the first time, and this is her maiden effort. How good is this signature!  A few comments on her blog asked about the pen she used, and Nancy has done a post about her pen trials. Nancy used a Pigma Pro, I used the Micron pens.  I have been tracing my signature from the laptop screen, but I can see that it is time to lift my game.

The best book I've seen on signing blocks is Pepper Cory and Susan McKelvey's "The Signature Quilt".  I re-read the section on "Embellishing Handwriting" and decided to give it a go.  I started with lined paper and the first ball-point pen I could find.  I followed the hints in the book and started doodling.

It was quite enjoyable.  I haven't quite got the look I want, although I am happy with the 'Australia' in the bottom left hand corner.

I need lines to keep my writing straight.  If I have some sort of stabilizer on the back of the block I will rule some dark lines on that, then  use them as a guide to write on the front.

Patti left this comment on the last post about signatures.  Thank you Patti, it's just what I needed to hear.

I've finally stopped worrying about how I sign my blocks. My handwriting has deteriorated lots as I've gotten older and my hands get more arthritic. I used to agonize about my signature, but now I don't. I make sure the writing is legible, but that's it. I don't try to be fancy. Remember, your handwriting is individual and belongs to you alone. I'd much rather have the block creator's own writing on a signature block as it is a part of who she is - just as much as the fabrics she selected when making the block.


  1. Superbe votre blog j'adore votre travail!!!Bravo
    de France M Christine

  2. Sharon I think your handwriting is just lovely.

  3. You are welcome! I think Susan McKelvey is the best authority on this you could find. I have several of her books - they are great.

    You did a beautiful job!

  4. Your samples look great. In the past I mark lines on freezer paper and iron it to the back of what I want to sign. It keeps things neat and simply peels off.

  5. I've been lucky to see many signature quilts and a lot of them had the names inked but what looks to be the same person since the penmanship is very consistent. I am guessing we aren't the first to agonize about the quality of our handwriting. But, I agree with Patti, I would love to see individualized signatures instead. Those quilts that did have unique signatures always had a couple of showoffs who did fancy signatures and even inked a cute little picture. My favorites are the ones with acorns inked with the signature.

  6. I used to worry about my signature also, but after taking a class from Elly Sienkiewicz, she showed us how to make it fancy very easily. Sign your name as you normally do. Then take an extra stroke anywhere the pen would move downward while writing. Makes it look like calligraphy with ease!


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