Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Is It So?

Researching the Chester Criswell quilt is a WIP (work in progress).  When I find an answer to a question about the quilt, the answer only seems to raise more questions.  Here are three WIP questions:

Q1   Who are the people that signed the quilt?

This is the most interesting question, and finding the answer is a lot of fun.  I use for most of my research about the names and locations on the quilt.  There are 75 names on the quilt (some blocks have two names, usually a married couple). I have some information on at least 50 names in the quilt.  I have found that more people are related to the bride and groom than I initially thought, and there are also many neighbours who make a contribution.

Q2   Is it a Quaker quilt?

The quilt is certainly typical of Quaker wedding quilts made in the 1850s in Pennsylvania.  However, the bride's family were Presbyterian, many of the family members were also Presbyterian although some neighbours were Quakers.  If anyone can offer suggestions I would appreciate your comments.

Q3    Why aren't the Happy Couple's name in the quilt centre?

This is a big question.  The centre of the quilt has the names of the bride's parents, not the bride and groom.

Mary the bride has a block next to the centre.  Jesse the groom's block is three rows away.  This doesn't make sense to me, and it is certainly a question that I would really like the answer to.

Two more questions -

Are you still keen to discover more?  Are you ready to make a block yourself?  I hope so!  The first block pattern is going to be available on 1st August at

But wait, there's more!  The first block is FREE, so you are welcome to download the pdf file, learn more about the quilt and try the first block yourself.  The steps to download will be in this blog after 1st August.  This is my first venture into pattern making, but the testers say it's good to go.  I'm excited, I hope you will be too.


  1. I love the mystery of why the bride and groom's names are not in the centre. My imagination leads me to believe that the bride's parents organised the quilt as a gift to their DAUGHTER - (they do not like the groom, hence ACCIDENTALLY placing his block further away!!) LOL! Hmm...I wonder what the real story was? Perhaps something boring, like it was put together in a rush and the order got mixed up - like I have done so many times!!
    cheerio, Kirsten
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Just saw this when looking for beginning of CCCQ. Maybe the bride's mother was a better seamstress thus she made the center block.


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