Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Read All About It - the First Block is Here!

Here it is!  The first block of the Chester Criswell Quilt is Jane Wilson's block.  Jane's block is 160 years old, the photo shows my block which is just a newborn.  The pattern is on the Two Bits Patches website now, and the download is free.  You can have your own copy when you click here.  The download includes the pattern, photos of the original block and a story about Jane Wilson.

Each month a new block will be available at the Two Bits Patches website.  The cost for each pattern is $A2.50.  You don't have to sign up for the whole quilt, you can choose to buy one or two or many of the patterns.  A new pattern will be available on the 1st of each month, the next pattern will be available 1st September.

It's quite exciting to launch a pattern, but it's a bit scary too.  For me, the scariest part is the photo you are looking at.  I am very much a beginner at needleturn applique - which I'm sure you can tell on close inspection - but it's so enjoyable!  Twelve months from now I may look at this first block and wonder that I had the nerve to publish a photo of my work.  But that's okay, everyone was a beginner once.

I hope you decide to join in the journey.  You don't have to make any blocks at all, you may want to enjoy the blog about signature quilts and life in the 1850s.  If you do make this block, will you send me a photo?  I'd love to see your choice of fabric and technique.

Free Download at www.twobitspatches.com


  1. I just prepped the first block, in between cleaning and packing since we leave on vacation tomorrow. I know I'm crazy, but I love the setting of the quilt, the kind of 'papercut' blocks alternating with 'lighter' blocks with the green in them. Well, that's how it looks from here. Would a flat quilt photo be possible?
    I also love how you put the story with the block. I hope that will continue also. I think I'm going to enjoy myself a lot with this quilt!(one of many)

    1. Francoise, I don't have a good 'flat' photo of the original quilt, mostly because it's so big. I will be showing the quilt at the end of the month and I'll get some photos then.

  2. I have my download and it is my afternoon's sewing project. I know I am going to love this quilt.

  3. Sharon, I am SO enjoying your blog! This quilt is wonderful and you have gathered so much enthusiasm from all over - it is wonderful and I am very happy for you! I will send you my blocks so you can see what I have done. I am not totally happy with my fabric choice for this block - but that is quilting life, isn't it? LOL
    Keep up the wonderful blog - it is one of my favourites!
    Kirsten :)

  4. Sharon, I am excited as I have been looking for an applique project. Thank you for the wonderful pattern and blog. It will be my first attempt...wish me luck! :) Sandi


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