Sunday, September 6, 2020

This Week's 1930s Block - Straight to Your Inbox

If you follow me on Facebook  you already know about the daily 1930s block.  Block #250 Little Boy's Britches was shared today - hurray! - and there are more to come.


Day 246 - Dresden Plate Quilt - This dainty block, the Dresden Plate, is pieced of twenty different prints and appliqued on a plain block fourteen inches square. A pillow top in this design may be made any size desired, or it may be used for chair pads. A silk design may be applied upon woolen blocks if one cares to use these fabrics. The many uses of this block is one of tests of the homemakers' ingenuity. In small motifs it may be the corner decoration of bedroom curtains or a single block may be the front of a child's scrapbook with the name in the center.

Kansas City Star, September 2, 1931.


Now it's time for something new! 


My new project is This Week's 1930s Block and it arrives as an email link to any email address.  There will be photos of the block with  background information.  Also included is a six-inch pattern of the block so you can recreate it is you like.  No cost and you can cancel when you like. The signup form is below:

Yes please! Add me to the list!


Don't delay - the first block Little Beech Tree is waiting for you!


  1. I signed up this morning. How long does it take to get the pattern. Hugs

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