Thursday, November 1, 2018

London Square

This week's block is a mystery block. This week's block has found a name as the post was being written.

London Square

As you can see, the seamstress found all those bias triangles a bit of a problem.  The block doesn't sit flat and there are little tucks all over the block to join the larger triangles with the pieced sections. The top right hand quarter was pieced first with uniform scraps.  Moving counter-clockwise each quarter adds more prints as the maker running out of material and perhaps patience.

Reverse of London Square - very even stitches

It is hard to search for a block when you don't know what it is called.  I started with a block I did know, Corn and Beans.

Corn and Beans

As I looked though references for blocks similar to Corn and Beans I found a block called Linton from the Ladies Art Company.  It was close to my block, just one more triangle in each row.

This is Linton from BlockBase. BlockBase also has a block called London Square with even more triangles.

More Googling; this time I found London Square in Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog.  This London Square is one quarter of my mystery block but the triangles are the same in number.

Barbara Brackman says that London Square is a variation of Ocean Waves - which coincidentally was my last blog post.  My Little Linton block is now christened London Square. No more mystery.

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  1. I am making this very block right was fun to see your block taking shape!


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