Friday, November 10, 2017

Heart of Washington - Yours to Download

The blog mystery is no longer mysterious.

It's a proper pattern now, and you can download it NOW ...  if you like.

If you are in the USA, may I recommend the Etsy site.  The pattern is in US dollars and there are no extra charges.

If you are in Australia or the rest of the world, may I suggest a download from my site Two Bits Patches. Price is in Australian dollars, and there are a few free patterns as well.

(If you buy at Etsy and you don't live in the USA a VAT/GST tax is added to your purchase. You can buy from Etsy of course but check the final price before you pay.)

I do hope you consider adding the pattern to your collection. And if you don't need another pattern please considering sharing the links through your own social media.  Sharing makes the cyber world go round.

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