Thursday, May 26, 2016

CCCQ The Final Stretch

We have had some wintery weather.  It is wet and windy, the first snow flurries are on the peaks and the vegetable garden is expecting the first frost.  It's a great time to be sewing the binding on a big quilt.

The Chester Criswell Quilt is nearly finished.  I do the hand quilting in the evenings while the television is on.  I will have the quilt completed sometime next week so I have to hurry and get another project ready for the evenings - perhaps some knitted hats for the grandkids.

I'm not much when it comes to housework, and we don't have a lot of visitors (after spending all day behind a shop counter we prefer a little peace and quiet at home).  As a consequence the level surfaces in the house tend to accumulate this and that.  If visitors were to arrive I would have to clear the couch.

This week's CCCQ Revisited block is Margaretta Harris Block 20.

The original block is not as round as my reproduction, if I made it again I might go for the wonky look.

Last week was Block 7 William and Harry.

And the week before Block 29 Maria Criswell


  1. Your couch looks like mine. Always something to work on. A good thing as my hands need to stay busy.

  2. How exciting for you that you have nearly finished this amazing quilt!!!

  3. Way to go Sharon. Your quilt looks wonderful.


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