Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Sojourn in New South Wales

I have been on holidays. We spent some time on the south coast of New South Wales, one of our favourite locations.  Apart from the delights of sunshine, beaches and no cooking, I found I few nice surprises along the way. 

Mogo, NSW is the new home of Rosemount The Patchwork Shop.  They used to be located in Canberra.  Downstairs is lots and lots of fabric and upstairs is a collection of antique sewing machines.

This Singer 319K attracted my attention.  It has levers on the top for stitch selection.

We spent a day driving up the mountain to Braidwood. Braidwood is a historic town that grew during the mid 1800s gold rush and many of the buildings are still in the main street.  The Hanging of the Quilts takes place in Braidwood each year, November 2015 will be the 21st time this event has been organised.

 This is the famous Braidwood Quilt Shop.  Its website says it has the largest collection of theme and novelty prints available in Australia.  I believe them.  The shop is full.  Very, very full.

I found a signature quilt in Braidwood too.  This is hanging in  St. Bede's Catholic Church with a lovely mix of contributions from families and church groups.

You can tell a quilter on holidays - we take the most interesting photos.


  1. How delightful! I saw some interesting threshhold floor tiles in shops and hostels in Scotland.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your holiday, did that Singer follow you home?


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