Thursday, January 22, 2015

Digging for Gold - Looking for Those Signature Quilts

This blog has been a little quiet because I have been searching for stories to use on my Remember Me signature quilt digest.  Oh, and there was Christmas and New Year and visitors and grandchildren and all sorts of good things too.

I found a story about a set of old blocks discovered in a flea market.  The blocks were dated 1863 and made during the American Civil War.  The blocks were traced to their original home, and were returned to the local historical society.  Believe it or not, one of the names on the blocks was the great-grandmother of the person who received them into the collection!  You can read the whole good news story at Cape News.

I found the webpage of the Illinois Quilt History group.  They have an index of stories about quilts, archived newspaper articles and links to all sorts of interesting places. There is a detailed article about researching one of the quilts in their collection, the 1933-1935 Schuyler County Signature Quilt.

1933-1935 Schuyler County Illinois Album Signature Quilt

I also found pictures of the infamous "The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue".  Made in 1979 it is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of poor Sunbonnet Sue's demise in a variety of incidents.  But it was also a statement about women who quilt - we are not all Grandmothers and Old Maids and faceless women doing nothing.  This quilt and others are referenced at "In the Shadow of the Quilt: Political Messaging in Quilts" at the Quilt Index.  The article includes a signature quilt that I'm hesitant to list - a 1926 fund-raising quilt for the KKK.

I am on the lookout for more gems of quilts.  If you have a favourite signature quilt in your local museum, or have discovered a great website, or if you have a quilt or some blocks in your own collection that you would be willing to share I am always ready to hear from you.

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  1. Hi Sharon, I have several signature quilts l would be happy to share. Contact me next week and we can arrange something. I'm not home till Wednesday. Thanks for all the research you do.

    1. Thanks Linda, your collection is one of my favourites :)

  2. I have a wonderful signature quilt I bought at an estate sale. Red wagon wheels on white background. Wonderful embroidered names on each spoke and wheel. Thought I had a picture but couldn't find it will try to get one if your interested.


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