Sunday, April 6, 2014

20 Blocks / 100 Posts

Block 20 is on the website and Post 100 is in front of you.
It has been quite a journey since Post 1 in July 2012 and Block 1 ... and it's not over yet!

Margaretta Harris's block has a piecrust edge.  I know this because Barbara Brackman used a photo of the original block in her post on Pumpkin Patch blocks.

Although this block wasn't especially difficult I had to figure out how to get the pattern onto the fabric.  The concentric rings all completely separate from each other and I wanted to use a single piece for the whole block.  I don't have any how-to-applique books so I usually try to figure things out myself (with a little help from my friends).

I used a large business size envelope to trace the pattern onto.  The envelope already has one fold and I folded it once again.  I cut around the outside of the pattern, and also the inside circle.  I drew around those two edges for turning under line.

For the next circles I cut between the two turn under lines and traced the cutting line on my fabric.  That meant less lines to draw on the fabric.  I wanted to needleturn the smallest channel I could so I didn't mark the line.  I cut one section at a time, traced my cutting line, then did the next circle.

Before I basted the red to the background I cut slots along each circle.  I cut a slot, left a space, cut the next slot.  I left plenty of fabric so the pattern did not distort.  The cut slots gave me a space to slide my scissors under and complete the circles as I sewed.


Basted and ready to sew.

Circles coming along.

I hope these pictures assist you and your block.  You may approach Block 20 in a completely different way, if you do you could leave a comment about your methods.  There are no quilt police on this blog!


  1. I love the descriptive name of this 'pie crust' block - thanks for the link to Barbara Brackman's post. Thanks for showing how you made this block, food for thought, might do it in a similar way with freezer paper.

  2. I'm doing my block by back- basting


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