Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work in Progress Eye Candy

Kathleen from Connecticut sent a photo of her nine CCCQ blocks.

Well, it's actually a photo of seven Chester Criswell blocks and two Kathleen blocks.  Can you pick the two that she's designed herself? I do like the way the green elements balance the whole set. 

I finished quilting my Block 16. I love the feel of the quilted block.  The applique block itself is nice to look at but the quilted block is nice to hold.


  1. Beautiful blocks from Kathleen!

  2. Kathleen's blocks are gorgeous, I love the two that she has designed herself. The greens look quite blue to me ...?

  3. Sharon, thank you very much for posting my blocks (since I don't have a blog). I'm so grateful that you started the Criswell Quilt; if you hadn't, my love of needleturn papercut blocks wouldn't have grown as it has.
    Carole is correct--the "leaves" are navy prints, not green. Photos and computers often change colors. The background is a muted gold tone-on-tone. Thanks again!


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