Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family Treasures

I sent an email to my aunt in Tennessee telling her about the work I was doing with the family heirloom quilt.  She sent an email back - she had an old photo album with pictures of the Criswell family, was I interested in looking at it?

Was I ??!!  I didn't know these photos existed.  I had some from my maternal grandmother's father's family but none from her mother's family. We organised to post the album to Australia.

While I was waiting I tried to imagine what photos the album would contain.  Would there be any wedding photos?  What would Mary Smith nee Criswell look like?  Would she be as lovely as the Long sisters from Kansas City? Maybe she would even look a little like me.

The album arrived the other day.  It is quite heavy.

Full of promise

The album front-piece

The recipients of the CCCQ

Mary McClellan Criswell

Well .... I'm happy to say that I don't look much like my g-g-g-grandmother.  I don't know how old Mary was when this was taken, I hope she was a schoolgirl in this photo and not a bride-to-be.  Not the most flattering hairstyle.

There are about thirty photos in the album, fortunately all labeled in my grandmother's handwriting.  I like this photo of Mary's daughter Alice Smith.

I wish I know what colour the dress fabric was.  The dress must be homemade because little sister Hannah Mary has the same material.

Good looks aren't everything.


  1. What a great find! So happy for you.

  2. Your "good looks aren't everything" comment caught me by surprise and gave me quite a chuckle. So fun to have the photographs--such a nice connection to the past.

  3. What a wonderful album and pictures ! so exciting for you to see them

  4. How exciting for you to receive this family heirloom and for us to see the original owners of the CCCQ.

  5. Sharon, you must have been so thrilled to discover the news of your family album, and what a treasure it is too!! I agree, Mary looks very young in that photo, do you happen to know how old she was when she got married?
    I love the photos of Alice & Hannah and btw i can't see any resemblance between you & your g-g-g-grandmother :))) cheers... Marian


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