Monday, September 30, 2013

Round and Round the Blogs

I posted my photos from Quilts in the Barn but I didn't add much description.  If you want to see some more quilts from the exhibition take a peek at these blogs (hello Carole, Miriam and Sue-Anne!)

And, speaking of blogs, I found a few more bloggers sharing their Chester Criswell Quilt blocks.

Marian Edwards Dreamweaver has put up a photo of her first three blocks.  There are so many red prints, you don't often see the same design twice.

And here is Chris's Quilting at the Farm, a new blogger but obviously a very experienced quilter.  Isn't that red print gorgeous!  Chris has started with Block #13 and it's looking great.

Block #14 is getting put together, it's running a little late but it should be sent out tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for linking back to my blog and for the new links to Marian and Chris, it's always great to see how other bloggers are making the CCCQ. Off now to do more on #13...


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