Friday, June 21, 2013

QAYG, or for the uninitiated, Quilt As You Go

You may have noticed that my lyre block is already quilted.

I've decided to Quilt As You Go - QAYG.  I was concerned about finishing all 30 plus blocks and then beginning to hand quilt the whole quilt - I had already decided that it had to be handquilted to go with the needleturn.  I worried for a short while about authenticity and then decided that this quilt is My Quilt and I can finish it any way I like.

Hand quilting is much more enjoyable when you don't have the whole quilt in your lap. There isn't much quilting on the original.  Quilting wasn't the important part of a friendship quilt, the blocks and signatures were the main attraction.  Each applique piece is outline quilted and then a second quilting line is 'inline' quilted.  I tried all the quilting in white thread but I didn't like the look of the white not-quite-even stitches on the red and green. I'm using King Tut quilting thread in Romy Red, Avocado and White.

The backs look alright. The red and green thread bring out the pattern a little more.

And it was such a nice day I included a shot of my photographic studio.


  1. I can see how your approach to quilting makes the work much more manageable! The blocks are looking good! (And thanks for the glimpse into your photography studio :)

  2. Your quilted blocks look fabulous! What a great idea to QAYG these. I have been thinking that I could possibly quilt the CCCQ and this way makes it very 'do-able' (not sure if that's a real word?) - I could even quilt on the bus! You've definitely given me some food for thought. What did you use for batting?

    1. It's cotton batting, I think it's Warm & Natural. Lovely to quilt with and the finish is a nice weight.

  3. Love historical applique. Your applique is exquisite!

  4. Love historical applique. Your applique is exquisite!


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