Saturday, June 15, 2013

A New Quilt for the Collection

Look! A package!  It's almost my birthday, could it be for me?  Yes, I bought it for myself.

The description is just right ...

Looking good ...

Looking GREAT!

Check out those 1930s prints.

Sunbonnet Sue's country cousin.

And fortunately, a location and a date.

Malaga, Washington is a little country town in the mountains where they grow great apples.  The recipient of the quilt is Lena Wallace, the other twenty-four ladies are neighbours and friends.  I wonder what life was like for these women in 1937? I hope to find out.

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  1. Oh...what a beauty! I got some good mail this week too! A few cuts of fabrics for my next quilt that is ready to be started in a few weeks! Mail deliveries are so fun!


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