Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Big (and Bigger) Picture

I do enjoy taking a promenade through cyber space and looking at everyone's blogs.  You are all such talented people!  If I see a photo of one of the CCCQ blocks I try and leave a comment;  if I have missed your blog please wave your hand and I'll come and visit.

The layout of the original quilt made by Alice Criswell for her daughter Mary is shown here.  There are eight by eight 13 inch blocks with a double size centre block.  It is a big quilt.  Take a look at the photo of the quilt on the right of the screen, that's on a queen size bed and it nearly touches the floor all the way around.  Some of the blocks are repeated two or three times.  (I'm using EQ5, the libraries are a bit limited.)

This is the layout I have chosen for the Chester Criswell Quilt.

It is six by six 12 inch blocks with same double size block in the centre.  All the patterns in the original quilt will be in the smaller quilt.  You won't miss out on any patterns.  At the rate of one block each month you should have the whole quilt by early 2015.  The First Year is the first twelve blocks.  The Second Year due September 2013 will begin with the centre block.

I know some people are talking about reproducing the whole of the original quilt.  If you are making the larger original version you will need 8.5 yards of background fabric; you will need 4.5 yards for the smaller copy.  The placement of the blocks is up to you; you can put them on point and add turkey red sashing if it pleases.

Wanda left a comment on the last post, asking if anyone wanted to swap a block.  This has really got me thinking, wouldn't it be great to make the CCCQ a real-time signature quilt with blocks from around the world and the names of friends old and new.  My first plan was to make a reproduction of the original as accurately as I could; now I want to make a modern swap quilt too.

I need more hours in the day.


  1. I'm excited to see your plans for the layout of the blocks. I like it! I'm working on block 3 now. I definitely would NOT want to make 3 of these! Those points are getting a little tedious! I do however really enjoy sewing the stems. I often use a thin plastic overlay with the pattern to help with placement of pattern but for this quilt I am being a little less "perfect" and just working with it to allow a little more old timely feel of imperfections. I like this type of look in the original.

  2. I am going to diversify too with the quilt. I am going to make a lone star and have 8 blocks set in around the star. At least that is my plan so far. Haven't got very far yet though with only one block done and the second prepped and ready.

  3. Thanks for sharing the layout. I'm going to need a design wall to work out how to place the blocks - eventually. It's a bit mind-boggling to think we will be working on this for the next 3 years!

  4. i haven't yet started on my blocks, so not really sure what sort of setting i'll decide on, however, i'm leaning towards your layout..thanks for sharing. Oh and btw i also like Wanda's idea of swapping signed blocks..it's a great idea!! cheers...Marian

  5. thanks for the layout ideas, I am just enjoying one block at a time for now - no idea how big it will end up!


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