Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photos of Priscilla Turner's Block

I received a nice squishy parcel in the mail today, all the way from New Jersey.  I found this block inside:

Carolina Lily 1850 - 1860

This is a pieced block similar to Priscilla's Double Tulip applique block.  See those red flowers?  How would you piece them?  I would make four diamond shapes and set in the shirting square.  The maker of this block cut two red chevron shapes and set the backing square into the cut fabric, not into a seam.  I'm looking at the back of the block and I don't see how she did it so well!  The flowers are hand sewn and the sections are sewn on a treadle machine.  The green has faded to blue but the red and yellow are still bright.

I hope you are enjoying Priscilla's Block.  If you have finished the block why not show us all - you can add a photo to the Flickr pool on the left of this blog; if you have your own blog you can link it below.

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