Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visit to Wonga Park

We had a lovely time last week.  The Chester County Criswell Quilt, code name CCCQ, was invited to Warrandyte to visit some antique quilt lovers, and I went along as its minder.

Seriously,  Bev had contacted me to organise a showing of the quilt and Linda's home was chosen as the venue.  It was pretty brave of Linda and Bev; they didn't know me, they hadn't seen the quilt, and they invited another 30 ladies to come as well.  Fortunately everyone had a ball.

CCCQ was stretched out for a close inspection.

Then it was hoisted up for a photo shoot. I've never seen it looking so good.


We got to meet some of the early achievers.  If there was a race to the finish Miriam would be the winner.

The day was great.  CCCQ didn't want to come home,  it was very happy to be the centre of attention.  Thank you Bev for your organising, thank you Linda for your hospitality, and thanks to everyone that came out for a bit of show and tell.


  1. Thank you for sharing your big event Sharon. This must be having a big impact on your life now that you are so busy with the pattern making etc and I'm so pleased for you that there has been so much interest and such a wonderful response.
    Hugs, Jan Mac

  2. Thank you Sharon for bringing along your quilt for all of us to study. It was a fantastic day and your quilt is beautiful heirloom, all the more special because of the connection you have with the makers.

  3. WOW and doesn't CCCQ look simply stunning, centre of must've been so proud and rightly so!!
    How special to be invited to the showing, it would've been fabulous and loved by all who attended, i'm sure :))

  4. Thankyou Sharon for a wonderful day. It was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful quilt. Look forward to your upcoming patterns and stories.

  5. Wow! The CCCQ looks huge, it's a bit daunting/humbling to think this is what we are replicating. I love the look of the green leaf blocks and it is interesting to see how some of the blocks are repeated. Thanks for sharing the day.


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