Friday, September 21, 2012

The Autograph Age Part 2

Some of the participants in the Chester Quilt added a verse to their quilt block.  Mary Criswell's verse reflects her receipt of the quilt as gift from her friends.

'My album is a garden plot
Here all my friends may sow,
Where thorns and thistles flourish not
But flowers alone will grow.'

Mary's best friend Martha Lambourn made an identical block to Mary's.  Her verse could be on behalf of all Mary's friends.

'Not I alone, this wreath will twine
But all thy friends who write a line
In this receptical of thine
Shall form the wreath in unity.
This album's then's a wreath for thee
Sacred to love and memory
And every name a flower shall be
A pure bright gem of constancy.'

Mary's sister Margaret continues the garden theme.

'The golden sun of summer
Hath never shone more fair
Than on the odour of the dying flowers
Which lies so sweetly on the air.'

Mary Stubbs states the obvious.

'Like a leaf we all must die.'

Margaretta goes for a round about message with round about writing.


'Round is the ring that has no end
So is my love for you my friend.'

But Jane Trayner has the last word with the classic:

'Remember me when this you see.'


  1. How interesting, thanks for showing these close-ups and sharing the verses.

  2. Sharon, what beautiful verses surrounded by such lovely applique blocks. i'm really enjoying this journey of discovery into the makings of your wonderful heirloom.


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