Friday, January 24, 2020

The "T" Quilt at 44%

The following is a 1939 pattern from the Kansas City Star.

The "T" quilt block is simple enough in composition, but its chief attraction is in carefully matching all the corners.

It's an odd looking block, it's not symmetrical. It is simple, one half squares triangle, one solid square and two pairs of Flying Geese. And why are the corners so difficult to match? I double checked the name on Block Base.

Yes, same block.  I tried some layouts for this interesting block.

The layouts look good. There are a lot of corners to match.  The "T" block would make quite an interesting quilt.

Next day, I am looking through some boxes of old quilt blocks (as you do) and came across this block:

... and also this one:


Do you see what I see?! Let me give you a clue - I'll just turn the picture like this:

And then crop it like this:

Eureka! There is the Kansas City Star pattern.  The published pattern was pretty misleading.  You had to know that the diagram was just part of the block.  I wonder how it came to be published like it did; there was certainly some misunderstanding between the block designer and the newspaper printer.

Carefully matching the corners is the least of your worries.

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