Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A CCCQ Finish

A few months ago I met up with Carole / Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus at Gippsbeary Cottage in Korrumburra.  There were other people there too, but Carole and I stole some time to bring out our Chester Criswell quilts. You may remember when Carole did a guest blog post showing her beautiful applique work while the Chester Criswell Quilt was a block of the month.

A preview of Carole's quilt

Friends - Carole's quilt and my CCCQ

Well.  Carole entered her CCCQ (Chester County Criswell Quilt) in the Victorian Quilters Quilt Showcase and it was accepted. Congratulations!  It will be on display from tomorrow, 25th July through the 28th July at the Stitches and Crafts Show in Melbourne.  Look out for it!

If you were at the Sydney Quilt Show you may have seen Michelle's CCCQ - you may not have recognised it at first but it is a magnificent interpretation.  If you are on Instagram read the touching story of this quilt #michellethequilter.

I can't help but be a little bit proud - I feel like a quilty godmother!

If you are feeling inspired the patterns are still available on Etsy.  I haven't yet uploaded all the patterns but here are some to get you started. More to follow!


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  1. Thanks Sharon for being my quilty godmother! It was wonderful to be able to reproduce your beautiful family heirloom.


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