Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mrs. Mead and a Postage Stamp Basket

Sorry for the delay in posting; the next participant in the 1937 Malaga quilt is Onie Mead.  Onie wasn't a farmer's wife like most of the other Malaga women.  Ray Mead was a school janitor until the Depression years, then he had some work as a laborer with the Works Progress Association. Onie and Ray weren't as well off as some of the other families.

Onie made the same Cactus Basket black as Sarah Cannon.  So, I've chosen another basket block from the 1930s to show you. This orphan is from my collection:

This block can be May Basket, Baby Basket or just Basket. I made a six inch one.

This Basket Block may look familiar even to non-quilters.

These stamps were released in 1978; and I imagine the next block was made about the same time.

Freeda Adams  Philadelphia, PA.

If you were a patchworker in the USA during the Bi-Centennial, did you make blocks like this one?


  1. I want to say, I've really enjoyed this series, you've done a phenomenal job researching the makers! Wasn't a quilter during the Bicentennial but have made a scrappy basket quilt with these blocks and hope to do another in the future.

  2. No I did not make basket blocks at that time. But I am also a stamp collector..... so I bought A LOT of those stamps!!!!! and have them buried "somewhere" with the old stamps.


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