Friday, April 22, 2016

Duck, Duck ... Brown Goose

Do you remember this signature quilt?  It's my second favourite antique quilt and it was featured in an article in Down Under Quilts in 2013.

Malaga, Washington 1937

It has been a bit neglected but I have returned to the documentation of the blocks and the women who made the quilt in 1937. I have unearthed some more fascinating material about the quiltmakers and their families (but it's a bit of a secret still).

I have also been researching the block patterns.  Last week's search was for the name of this block.

Gussie Herr's block

My block

I tried all my books and BlockBase; the closest name I found was Brown Goose.

Brown Goose or Double Z

It doesn't look the same, does it?  But just turn around the corner half square triangles and the blocks are the same.  I don't think Brown Goose suits my blocks so I have called them Hourglass Star.

Last week's CCCQ Revisited block was Block 18 Mary McKissick and this week's is Block 28 Mary McDowell.

Mary McKissisk

Mary McDowell

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