Thursday, March 31, 2016

There and Back Again

My flying trip from Australia to USA and back is over.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was delayed in Los Angeles for an extra two days, but I'm back now and over the jet lag.

I was able to do something that I was looking forward to - rummaging through stacks of quilts at the antique malls.  I must say that there are a lot of unattractive quilts for sale and for a while I thought I might have to bring home an ugly duckling.  But I found two that I am very pleased with.

This is a scrappy Tree of Paradise. It's machine quilted and the binding has been replaced.  The fabrics have a lot of variety, I think 1890s for the materials.

I bought a redwork cot quilt too.  It is hand quilted with little or no batting - just right for the bottom of a suitcase.

My cousin showed me her own embroidered quilt made by her other grandmother.  She was a little concerned that I might try to fit it in my suitcase as well, but I assured her that all a needed was a photo.

John's (guinea) pigs

Back to reality.  This week's CCCQ Revisited block is Block 27 Susanna Criswell.  I christened this one Floral Medley, it's a bit of this and that.

Bother reality.  Here's some holiday snaps. Enjoy.

St. Pete's Beach, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico
Santa Monica Pier, California on the Pacific Ocean
Tiled shopfront in Hollywood
Art deco tiles
More ugly ducklings

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  1. Somebody had a great trip! I am sure you are glad to be home - it is a long trip from Australia to USA! Glad you were able to enjoy!


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